1. professorfangirl:

    The labor movement: still fighting.

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  2. fedoralord:

    please stop leaking celebrity nudes and start leaking fallout 4


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  3. Nothing prepared us for the first one and the China post.

  4. Why Lifetime? Why ruin our childhood?

  5. How to prevent someone from getting your nudes

    • <b> </b> Don't post nudes on the internet, you fucking idiot.<p><b></b> @adachiisthekiller<p>
  6. Goku Vs Superman

  7. Truth.


  8. This is pure gold.

  9. Simon Kinberg teasing X-Men: Apocalypse 

    Simon Kinberg teasing X-Men: Apocalypse 

  10. Baaaaaaaacoooooooooonnnnnnnn

  11. What Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles would look like if it were helmed by Christopher Nolan



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